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5 Reasons to Start Fractional Revenue Operations Now

Revenue operations (RevOps) is a modern operating model for fast-forward companies that aligns businesses’ goals, processes, tools, and people to supercharge revenue. Effective RevOps crush the misalignment across the sales, marketing, and customer success and set up a perform experience through every customer journey stage.
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Sales to Marketing Handover & SLA

The most important and effective way to build a high-performing team is by communicating business goals for all employees. Misalignment between sales and marketing is the biggest challenge for many companies to connect teams from strategy to process - according to a LinkedIn survey, more than 60% of global respondents believed that. But what are the typical problems that we see in practice, and what solutions for that problems exist?
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Funnel is dead, long live Flywheel

Companies have structured their business strategies around the funnel for years, but not anymore. Find out why the funnel is failing companies and how the flywheel model can help your business grow better.
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Buyer’s Remorse: Top 4 Methods to STOP it from happening

Buyer’s Remorse is an important topic for companies to ensure that customers stay longer and will rebuy products out of the company. Even though many people expect Buyer’s Remorse only to happen in B2C companies it also has a big impact on the B2B companies. In the following article, we will give B2B companies a little sneak into helpful tips to reduce Buyer’s Remorse
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How To: Customer Health Score

Customer Health Score is an important concept that should help customer success and account management to prioritise customer outreach and communication. It’s a simple to grasp but complex to calculate. Here are some actionable list on how to create a good Health Score...
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Why RevOS?

After spending the last 20 years working in data and application integration technology in amazing companies like DHL, Talend or (company we started in 2013 and exited last year) I am starting a new company...
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